LocalSourceFrontLocal Source aims to try to flow with the seasons and tailor our current menus to what is available in abundance in our regions.  We aim to provide high quality, healthy foods, to connect urban people with farming communities.  Our long term goal is to help boost the local economy, and to foster a vibrant and dynamic food culture in Nova Scotia.

Buying locally offers consumers a healthy alternative, reduces food miles and waste, and supports a more sustainable model of agriculture.  We follow this philosophy as a way to enjoy a greater quality of life with healthier, tastier lifestyles that become more in tuned with the seasons.





Sean Gallagher – Owner

seanSean Gallagher is the founder of Local Source Catering, Market & Bakery.  All three businesses feature local, seasonal, and an emphasis on clean and organic foods.  The North End market has become a community hub offering private cooking classes for seasonal cuisine, and group tours for students of all ages.  It also serves as a gathering place for many local agriculture based talks.

Sean spent his formative years in Africa, as his family was involved in International Development: his mother Patricia with CUSO for over 30 years and his father David with CUSO,Oxfam and CARE for close to 30 years.

Even Sean, himself, worked for CARE in Bosnia.  His international experiences have broadened both his tastes and views, all of which contributed to his decision to start a small business with an environmental & social imperative.

Sean’s food philosophy is simply to get back to the basics.  He believes that time should be invested in cooking and enjoying good food. He also strives to teach others about how the interconnection between good food, health and community adds to the value of our culture, our economy and our land.

Local Source was founded by Sean Gallagher who, after graduating from Dalhousie with a Bachelors in Commerce in Entrepreneurship and International Business (2005), set up an organic sandwich bar on campus, called “Fresh: Food for the Famished” (2005-2008).  At the same time “Terroir Catering” (2005) was launched to provide local, fresh and healthy food alternatives to the full spectrum of hungry mouths in Halifax, from multi-course wine dinners, to opening receptions, to conferences, to day-to-day office lunches.  These early ventures were made possible with Gallagher’s vision and drive and an unrelenting commitment to great, seasonal food.

Sean descends from a long line of Food Purveyors. The profession, known then as a Victualler, began (as far back as we know) with his great, great grandfather, Peter Gallagher, in Waterford, Ireland (approx. 1830 – 1875) where he ran a highly respected grocery and supply business.

Sean’s great grandfather, also Peter Gallagher, did the same as he provided high quality groceries to the upper echelons in Lancashire from 1880 to 1925. Sean’s second great grandfather, Albert Huyton, ran a green grocery and chandlers supply business to outlying farms from 1920 to 1955. Lastly, Sean’s grandfather, James Gallagher, ran a neighbourhood shop in Liverpool, England from 1951 to 1970.

Not knowing this rich history of Victualler lineage, Sean extended his catering business to a market in 2008, which continued the tradition of providing high quality products & neighbourhood services to the marketplace.

With the continued success of these two businesses, Sean created the Local Source Bakery (2009) and continues to uphold a strong level of culinary integrity while keeping the commercial momentum building. He has recently expanded his horizons again with the much anticipated opening of Lion and Bright, a cafe wine bar that has quickly emerged as a neighbourhood favourite.

Photo Credit: Zak Bush

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