NicoleLocal Source’s Dietitian, Nicole Marchand PDt

Local, seasonal foods are at the height of their nutrition and flavour as they are harvested only when ripened and often sold and eaten on the same day.  Nicole believes that choosing a diet of simple, home cooked meals from locally grown whole foods is the basis of a healthy lifestyle that will reduce many risks of short term and long term illnesses that can lessen quality of life. Nicole can help you make a delicious, satisfying and simple meal out of our diversity of vegetables and fruit found in this bountiful province.

In working with Local Source Market, Nicole is able to provide each client with knowledge of locally available, seasonal foods from fresh produce, meats, cheeses, breads and other products that can be incorporated into a healthy, flavourful diet that promotes a high quality of life.

Additionally, Nicole has experience working with weight management groups, with people living with diabetes, heart disease and other chronic illnesses and offers to clients professional nutrition education using a client-based approach to ensure the needs of each individual client is met.


Nicole has a mission to reduce the incidence of disease and to increase quality of life of those living with chronic illnesses using locally grown, healthful whole foods. She shares her enthusiasm with the public everyday at Local Source Market and with her individual clients. She demonstrates to clients that eating whole, unprocessed foods can be fun, easy, inexpensive and delicious.


Nicole Marchand, PDt., is our in-house dietitian that provides one-on-one consultations as well as cooking classes.

  • Nutrition Consultation (includes printed resources) – 1 hour at $80.00
  • Follow Up Consultation – 30-45 minutes $50.00
  • Individualized meal plans; 3 day sample- $161.00

**Fees may be refundable when covered by health insurance
**Consultations are also available over phone or email

For more information about one on one consultation please contact Nicole at or at (902) 454-6014

Nicole’s Approach to Consultations

Nutrition Counseling is based on the clients history, needs and desires and Nicole ensures that the client leaves the initial and any follow up consultations with the vision of attaining a reachable dietary and lifestyle goal. Along with helping clients choose a healthy diet, Nicole aids those who require gluten free diet and other diets related to the gastrointestinal tract. She also provides guidance for those who live with diabetes, arthritis or other health concerns. Whatever the concern of the client, Nicole will help you achieve your short term and long term wellness goals.

Nicole understands that there are numerous barriers to healthy eating that people may face and she also understands that each person and each family is different and requires their own, individualized path to a healthy lifestyle. She takes into consideration individual choices based on essential or chosen dietary regimes or cultural and religious motives.

Other Services Include:

  • Nicole is able to help her clients choose healthy, economically valuable and easy to prepare food options that fit the needs of any budget and offers grocery store tours of Local Source Market or other grocery stores or markets accessible to the client.
  • Nicole is able to aid in the preparation of meals and snacks by discussing various options of use for food products and by offering to clients useful and user-friendly resources such as simple recipes for delicious, wholesome foods.
  • Nicole offers services from public cooking classes held at Local Source Market to helping with home cooking in the kitchen of clients.
  • Many customers may feel constrained by time. Nicole has a lot of experience preparing quick meals and snacks from scratch using whole, unprocessed foods. She can help clients learn how to prepare delicious and satisfying meals quickly and easily.
  • Meal planning may be an important part of healthy eating for some clients and their families. Clients who feel that they are too busy to prepare and enjoy healthful meals may benefit from meal planning resources. As each person and/or family has individual needs, Nicole provides information and resources through one-on-one consultations to ensure that every client is capable of procuring, preparing and following a simple, healthful diet specific to their needs. Meal planning is also a great tool in saving money and ensuring a variety of healthy meals daily.

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