Looking for locally sourced, seasonal and always fresh? Come join us at Local Source Market !

Created with the warm and inviting feel of a market of days gone by, Local Source is an established pioneer in the local food movement and we strive everyday to create a neighbourhood market feel based on our customers, our staff and our suppliers.

We offer a locally sourced and affordable alternative to conventional grocery stores, where we pride ourselves on selecting seasonal, fresh products from local growers, fisheries and livestock farmers.

We carry products from many regular farmers’ market vendors, along with other small local farmers to create a diverse mix in a one stop shop and we are open seven days a week.

Check out what we have in store today:

  • free-range, grass-fed and antibiotic free: beef, bison, lamb, pork and poultry of heritage breeds
  • seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • cheeses and yoghurts
  • free-range eggs
  • organic artisan breads, sweet and savoury baked goods from Local Source Organic Bakery
  • homemade prepared foods, preserved and fresh from Local Source Kitchen
  • sustainable seafood
  • Organic: grains, cereals, pulses & stone ground flours
  • honey, maple syrup & other staples

Local Farmers/Eat Local

Mutually beneficial relationships with local producers keep our market flourishing with a steady supply of fresh products and our menus ever-vibrant and diverse.  We explore farms, learn about their practices, and make sure this information is delivered directly to you. Our market strives to maintain transparency by clearly displaying each product’s origin and corresponding growing method or method of raising.

Our shopkeepers are able to answer any questions that you may have about the products in our market & bakery.  Seasonally we take our staff to visit various farms in the province to learn about harvesting, growing and storage methods, lifestyles and to develop personal relationships with farmers.

Market Hours
Monday to Friday: 9 AM – 7 PM
Saturday & Sunday: 10 AM – 6 PM

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